Our Story

güres yumurta fabrikaIn 1963, in Manisa in Saruhanli, our basis was laid in a small farm established by Mr. Ahmed Ramzi with 600 chicken. Blending health and flavor, we produce all the eggs can safely consumed by people from 7 to 70 years. Making the customers’ satisfaction and health our priority, we aimed to get a better and healthy eggs from our chickens so we feed them always with our 100% organic feed from our production.

güres yumurta hikayemiz fabrika

Taking all of this into consideration, we always kept in our minds that Gures eggs come to your table and this table you share with your most precious people. Keeping the maximum level of quality and hygiene standards for 57 years in this precision, we produce 'health'. Gures poultry farm left over the years a taste on Turkish people’s palate that they cannot get enough. Egg as the main food of balanced diet, can be followed in more formative stages and to be confident that the products comply with health standards in Gures.

In the Group's structure of Gures, you can safely consume eggs the miracle of nature, as we continue to work diligently for more than half a century.